All flowmeters are issued with a flowmeter calibration certificate traceable to an INAB approved laboratory. 

Having an in date calibration certificate for your flowmeter lets your client know the flowmeter is fit for purpose, that the flowmeter readings obtained can be relied upon to be accurate.

Many clients request an in date calibration certificate for measuring instruments. This is why TSI offer a professional calibration service. An annual calibration is recommended.

TSI’s experienced technicians compare the readings on your meter with the master meter. The master meter is calibrated annually at an INAB approved laboratory so that readings obtained at TSI’s calibration centre are traceable back to a National Standard.

The calibration process involves taking the before service readings, adjusting the zero point setting, adjusting the gain factor, verifying the flow readings at three separate flow rates and issuing a calibration certificate. In the case of meters with data loggers, the reminder messages that calibration is due or that calibration is out are reset to the new expiry date.